27 APR 2022, The Executive Director of the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC) Undersecretary Cezar O. Mancao II made an appearance in a segment of ‘WAG PO!, a program under One PH. The primary focus of this segment follows the arrest of the three (3) hackers who claim the ability to rig the upcoming elections. Usec. Mancao first introduced the CICC as an agency attached to the DICT, and which similar to the PNP-ACG, NBI Cybercrime Division, and the DOJ-OOC pursued efforts to address cybercrime. The hackers arrested were members of the infamous hacker group XSOX, which was responsible for hacking data from the servers Smartmatic in an earlier incident in January 2022.

They used social media platforms such as Facebook and Discord and advertised the illegally obtained data on the Dark Web.

The first question the hosts asked was on the feasibility of the claims of the hackers and whether or not they could actually change election results with the extent of their data breach. Usec. Mancao clarified that though the extent of their data breach gave them access to the data in the Smartmatic servers, the COMELEC, through their experience with the 2016 Elections, would still be able to detect these attempts and stop them in their tracks. Any hacker would be hard-pressed to be able to affect any result in the upcoming elections. As such, Usec. Mancao labels these hackers as scammers without any actual capacity to alter the elections.


In response to further questions from the hosts, Usec. Mancao explained the process which the CICC used to lure out the hackers, which is that of entrapment or “buy/bust” operation that led to their arrest. He added that these hackers were extremely visible on the Dark Web, and any claims they made were only assumptions on their part and not indicative of their actual ability.

In addition to this discussion, the hosts asked Usec. Mancao whether or not the CICC has the capacity to look into “troll armies,” “fake news,” and the spread of sex videos. Usec. Mancao says that these issues are well under the responsibilities of the CICC and that the agency has already tackled cases relating to these.

For the full coverage of the segment, follow this link: “CICC Executive Director Usec. Cezar O. Mancao II with One PH”