The OIC of the Philippine National Police – Directorate for Information and Communications Technology Management (PNP-DICTM) PBGEN Emmanuel Peralta, together with commissioned officers and non-uniformed personnel, paid a courtesy visit to the OIC Executive Director of the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC) James A. Layug last 25 July 2022 to discuss areas of collaboration, including the establishment of a facial recognition information system against cyber terrorists and the Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC), connectivity to GovNet and free WiFi, and skills enhancement trainings for personnel.

At 10 AM, the PNP-DICTM Team arrived at the CICC to discuss their projects and possible areas of collaboration with the Agency. They presented their initiatives to be cybersecurity compliant by coordinating with the Department of Information and Communications Technology Cybersecurity Bureau (DICT-CSB). Additionally, it was stated that the PNP-DICTM had already forwarded to the DICT-CSB their requests for assistance on their existing projects, namely the (a) upgrade of the Facial Recognition Software (licenses), (b) linking the database of the foreign terrorist fighters (FTF) to their existing systems, (c) connection of the PNP One Network (PON) to the DICT’s Security Operations Center (SOC), and (d) connectivity of PNP offices/ units to the government network (GovNet).

OIC Executive Director Layug assured the PNP-DICTM that the CICC shall act as conduit on behalf of the DICT-CSB to expedite the processing of the aforementioned requests. Suggestions were given to localize a Memorandum of Agreement between PNP Regional Offices and DICT Cluster Heads to minimize expenditure and maximize the utilization of existing government infrastructure. Further, the creation of a Technical Working Group (TWG) between the PNP-DICTM, DICT-CSB, and CICC was also raised by OIC Executive Director Layug, stating that this will ensue a higher level of collaboration and cooperation between the agencies.

In response to the CICC’s extension of its services, the PNP-DICTM pledged to assist the Agency in building its own data center, conducting skills enhancement trainings, and improving the eScamAlertPH app by applying the best practices drawn from their existing information systems.