• To protect and secure the country through effective institutional programs and policy development to combat cybercrime;
  • To strengthen Domestic and International Cooperation on Cyber Intelligence, Investigation and Digital Operations;
  • To promote cybercrime awareness and institutionalize Cybercrime Prevention Capacity Build-up; and
  • To ensure the Filipino People to be happy and secured online.


According to the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, CICC will have the following powers and functions:

  1. To coordinate the preparation of appropriate and effective measures to prevent and suppress cybercrime activities as provided for in R.A. 10175;
  2. To monitor cybercrime cases being bandied by participating law enforcement and prosecution agencies;
  3. To facilitate international cooperation on intelligence, investigations, training, and capacity building related to cybercrime prevention, suppression, and prosecution;
  4. To coordinate the support and participation of the business sector, local government units, and non-government organizations in cybercrime prevention programs and other related projects;
  5. To recommend the enactment of appropriate laws, issuances, measures, and policies;
  6. To call upon any government agency to render assistance in the accomplishment of CICC’s mandated tasks and functions; and
  7. To perform all other matters related to cybercrime prevention and suppression, including capacity building and such other functions and duties as may be necessary for the proper implementation of R.A. 10175.